Thursday, September 13, 2012

St. Cyprian Questions

1. Do a bit of independent research and try to hypothesize what external factors may have been influencing St. Cyprian in drafting this document?

2. Analyze St. Cyprian's use of Scripture to support his arguments. Does he use scripture effectively and with sound interpretation? Provide and analyze three examples of his use of Scripture. (Recall that scripture passages are italicized in the text.)

3. St. Cyprian takes a rather harsh stance against those who "break away" from the Church founded by Christ. Compare and Contrast his position with that of the Church as published in the most recent document "Responses to Some Questions on Certain Aspects of the Doctrine of the Church", particularly in questions two and three.

4. In our modern society people shy away from making "absolute" statements, or any statements that appear to "judge" or exclude others. Bearing that in mind, what are some elements of St. Cyprian's treatise that could be put to good use today in the effort to reconcile and unify the diverse Christian Denominations.

5. Support the Argument that St. Cyprian is not merely judging those who break away form the Church, but rather simply fulfilling his obligations as a bishop. (recall the two obligations of a bishop that we discussed in class.)

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