Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Acts of the Apostles

Basic Questions:
      1.  Who is the author of the Acts of the Apostles? Approximately when was it composed? Who is the intended audience?
2.      What are the Four Senses of Scripture / Typology?
3.      What is the distinction between the terms “disciple” and “apostle”.
4.      Know the terms: Enculturation, Jew, Gentile, God-Fearer, Hellenist,
5.      What are each of the distinct levels of clergy that emerge in the early church
Acts Chapter 1
Why do the Apostles wish to replace Judas? What criteria do they establish for his replacement? What method do they use to determine who the replacement is to be? Contrast this method with the selection process of bishops today. (see - http://www.usccb.org/about/leadership/appointing-bishops.cfm)
Acts Chapter 2 - 4
1.      What was the Jewish understanding of the feast of Pentecost? Why would Christ’s disciples be celebrating a Jewish festival?
2.       Create a chronology of the events of the first Christian Pentecost. What charismata (gifts) did the Apostles receive and what purpose do they have for these gifts? Using Typology, analyze an Old Testament story that is, in some way, the "opposite" of what is going on here.
3.      Read the conclusion of Chapter 2 (42 – 47) and the conclusion of Chapter 4 (32 – 37). How does this depiction of communal life stem from specific teachings of Christ? What does it mean to be of “One Heart & One Mind”? What light do these two passages shed on the role of the Apostles?
4.      Pentecost is often associated with the sacrament of Confirmation. What is the nature and origin of this connection? Based on your experience of Confirmation preparation, how well is this connection explained?

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