Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Acts, Part 2

Acts Chapter 5
1.      Examine Gamaliel’s speech before the Sanhedrin. Do you think the mere persistence of the Church is enough to attest to its divine origin and mission? Why or why not?
2.      How do the Apostles respond to their flogging and why?
Acts Chapter 6
What social condition prompts the institution of deacons? What are the elements of the ordination of the deacons? (What do the apostles do to them to make them deacons?)
Acts Chapter 7
What precipitated the martyrdom of Stephen? What was the role of Saul in this martyrdom?
Acts Chapter 8
What is the sin of simony? Contrast Simon’s encounter with Peter with that of Ananias and Sapphira.
Acts 13: 16 – 43, 17: 16 – 34 
Contrast these two speeches of St. Paul, the former at a synagogue, the latter at the pagan Acropolis in Athens. How does his approach differ in dealing with Jews & Gentiles? Why?
Acts Chapter 15
Describe the controversy that is brewing here and how it threatened the unity of the Church. How did the Apostolic Church ultimately deal with that controversy?

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